Teaching Dog How To Gamble | Charlie The Beagle

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Published: May 18, 2017

Teaching Dog How To Gamble | Charlie The Beagle

This one will get all you dog lovers to get excited. Here is Charlie the Beagle and he's not very good at guessing which cup the ball is under. After a lot of patience from his owner and teacher, he begins to guess correctly more often. In the end, he has become a master at gambling. How adorable is this little guy?

This isn't the first trick that Charlie has attempted successfully at overcoming. So far he has learned <a href="https://rumble.com/v34g7q-teaching-beagle-how-to-use-elevatorpatience-love-and-salami.html" target="_blank"> to call and use the elevator</a> in the building where he lives, though it took him a few tries to get the hang of it. He has also learned to bring <a href="https://rumble.com/v34fr5-charlie-the-beagle-performs-amazing-dog-trick.html" target="_blank">an assortment of things whenever his owner asks him to</a> – slippers, headphones, the Nintendo remote, a can of beer and a bag of chips, all in one go!

Charlie the Beagle is quite the Internet celebrity. He is smart, cunning and a lovable companion to his favorite tiny human, the girl Laura! The two have been virtually inseparable since the moment baby Olivia has been brought home from the hospital. Sure,<a href="https://rumble.com/v34frh-making-off-guilty-dog-apologize-charlie-the-dog.html" target="_blank"> he tried to take away her toy and then apologized profusely</a>, but that is what made them stronger as partners in crime.

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Will Charlie play Whack-a-Mole with Laura Olivia? Watch to find out! http://bit.ly/2p4b0x9

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