Southern Man Tries To Speak With Neutral American Accent

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Published: August 12, 2017

This is the hilarious moment when a loving wife tries to teach her husband how to speak without a southern accent. Stephanie Shadrick shared this hilarious video of her thick southern accented husband attempting to say "the dog licked the oil, and everyone laughed" without an accent.

Footage occurred on March 29, 2013 in San Antonio, Texas, United States showing Stephanie’s husband struggling to pronounce words in neutral American accent. Apparently, he is in the Army and has a very strong southern accent, so his witty wife thought it would be hilarious if he tried to speak without the accent and caught his attempt on camera.

Stephanie Shadrick captured this hilarious footage of her husband as he tries to set aside his strong Georgia accent and speak in a neutral American accent. His attempts are hilarious and quite successful, although the word “oil” presents a bit of a stumbling block.

A woman tries to teach her husband how to speak without a Southern accent and the man tries his very best to speak without his drawl on camera. Hilarious!!!

It’s amazing how different words sound different when given a certain accent, so much that this man’s wife even says to him, “Now, in English”, as if he were speaking a completely different language! In fact, the difficulties in understanding people with different accents is exemplified by this funny video.

Watch the funny video as the Army guy attempts to go neutral, but struggles with the pronunciation of the word “oil” every time. It is simply hilarious how he struggles to utter the words and ditch his accent, much to our amusement!

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