Bright Triplets Pass Spanish Language Test With Flying Colors

Published March 30, 2017 15,108 Views

Young children are natural language acquirers and their brain allows them to pick up new language skills without conscious learning, unlike adolescents and adults. They have the ability to imitate pronunciation and work out the rules for themselves. Toddler brains are like sponges absorbing and processing new experiences and information at record speed. Learning a second language comes naturally at this age.

Of course, mastering a new language is both fun and educational and can be a great family bonding activity. These parents decided to introduce bilingualism to their triplets and decided to expose them to both Spanish and English from early age.

Meet Edgardo, he is the father of these adorable two-year-old triplets, who knows how important raising bilingual kids is. Watching how fun these Spanish lessons are, it is no wonder that his children are passing with flying colors!

Sitting in their high chairs rounded up in a semicircle, triplets Leo, Emi, and Cruz enthusiastically answer their papa’s questions posed in Spanish. Where is Emi, where is Cruz, where is Leo, where is mama, where is papa, asks Eduardo to which his adorable toddlers answer by pointing in unison.

Next the lesson takes a more advanced turn, featuring facial features. Where is your nose? Where are your ears? Where is your mouth? To which these adorable toddlers answer correctly through smiles and happy giggles. As a reward, mom Chelsea presents them with a delicious treat.

In the next footage, we see triplets sitting relaxed in their living room and answering the same questions, but this time in English. This creative father has found the perfect way to entertain his children while teaching them new skills. Great job! This family is a proof that language learning can be fun and contribute for special bonding between family members. They are clearly having a blast. This should serve as an example that learning a second language at a young age is very important for children’s future and is a great advantage!

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