Groom Delivers Beautiful Vows To His Stepdaughter During His Wedding

CliftonLambPublished: August 4, 2017712,062 views
Published: August 4, 2017

While at a wedding, you expect the bride and groom to exchange words, but in this video, something else unexpected happens. The groom surprises everyone in the room, including the bride, as he brings them to tears with vows to his new daughter. It has been a very hard time for her as she lost her dad earlier that year. This is exactly what she needed, to know that no matter what, her step dad was going to be by her side whenever she needed him.

What a lovely thing this man did. Even his wife is getting emotional in the background. He tells her that she will always have someone to walk down the aisle with her. This is such a beautiful moment. He gives her a very special ring as a gift and tells her to keep it on until she meets the person she is going to marry. They have a special bond which is very nice to see. Their pinky promise handshake is also very cool! Awesome!

Another groom felt like a special vow like this is in order, so he got down on one knee and gave his vows to his new stepdaughter, promising to love her and treat her as his own. To cap it all off, he gave her a real diamond necklace for her to wear. Now that is one classy move.

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Check out this video of this man giving a heart-warming message to his stepdaughter during his wedding.

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