Surprise Groom walks off altar during wedding vows Stepdaughter

nickovic1Published: April 4, 2017Updated: April 5, 2017134,736 viewsVirality: 4%
Published: April 4, 2017Updated: April 5, 2017

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    JeffreyHuntsman · 6 weeks ago

    What's the point here? He isn't on the altar at all, which is behind him, at the rear of the chancel.

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      MisterSalty · 5 weeks ago

      Way to miss the point.

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        JeffreyHuntsman · 5 weeks ago

        Given the imprecision in the use of the English language here, who can tell what he meant? There was no sound with the clip and all I can see is that the minister walked into the congregation and the flower girl seems to be getting a necklace. It seems to be a quiet gentle, situation, but the altar is seen only very briefly and the groom is nowhere near it. So, I ask again, what's the point? If you have special knowledge here, you might share it.

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      bpgagirl22 · 5 weeks ago

      Really?! Are you this rude at everything you do in life? God I'm so glad we don't have to meet you in public, I'd want to slap you deaf and dumb.

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    Ihateidiotnitpickers · 5 weeks ago

    JeffreyHuntsman, you're an idiot! There is sound! Get your head out of your anal aperture and turn up your Commodore 64 and you'd hear it. I doubt the point of this can be explained to you since you're evidently incapable of understanding how sound works on a computer. What is your hang up about the alter? Have you ever heard the term "figure of speech"? That applies here. What the heck is a "chancel"?

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      JeffreyHuntsman · 5 weeks ago

      I was asking about the events in the post, so your ad hominem responses here are uncalled for, but I will reply anyway; My technical knowledge level is professional and predate the Commodore 64 by more than a decade, including a quarter-century owing and running a computer company. I attributed the lack of sound here to its being an amateur recording, which are often without sound. My equipment functions perfectly. // If by "figure of speech" you mean metonomy or synecdoche, neither fits the use with the positional preposition here. // If you cannot distinguish "altar" and "alter" or do not know what a chancel is, try using a search engine such as Google. You'd be surprised what you could learn with this tool. // As for bpgagirl22's charge of rudeness, I do not see how that charge is apt. I asked an obvious and simple question about a preposterous implication that any clergyman would allow anyone to stand on the altar. I said it appeared to be a gentle moment in the middle of a wedding ceremony. What is rude about that? Not a one of you, all hiding behind pseudonyms, have deigned to address that absurdity. //. I am new to Rumble, and if this is typical, I won't be back. My Canadian grandmother and Canadian spouse would be appalled at your behavior.

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    bpgagirl22 · 5 weeks ago

    Love that! So sweet!

  • 1 rumble
    nickovic1 · 5 weeks ago

    this is beautifulllll wauwww amazing <33333333