Mobile Applications That Will Help You Through Your Journey As A New Parent

Published August 3, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Summer is coming to a close now and many are finding themselves as new parents. Summer is a time where most babies are born since couples spend their time inside during the winter getting cozy. This leads to a big influx of new born babies. With these new babies, new parents are very stressed out around this time of the year. They hold a new life in their hands and have to care for it, something they might not be accustomed to. As a new parent, you often go through challenges with providing for your baby. You can often use any help you can get. This video does a great job of describing three apps that could help you along your journey through parenthood.

Since almost everyone now has a smartphone and various forms of technologies, apps are some of the best ways to get help or make parenting a little bit easier! With a new child, it is almost impossible for parents to worry non-stop about their child. Parents always go into the baby’s room to check on them to see if they are OK and new parents are often worrisome.

The first app on the list puts parents at ease a little bit. It is a WiFi Baby Monitor app. It is very simple to use and can put your mind at ease on how your baby is doing. If you are constantly moving around the house or you have to leave the house while someone is babysitting your child, this is a great app. This is a free app and you have to connect your phone to a baby monitor through WiFi. You can use this when you are not home and want to check on your baby! The app even has a noise meter so if your baby wakes up and cries it will notify you about the volume increase in the room! This seems very handy.

Another app that can be useful is BlinkBuggy. This app is for taking pictures and storing them for your own use. It is great to take pictures of your baby growing up, so you can reflect on it later on and have memories to look back to. In this app you can add notes and descriptions to the photos so you know exactly what happened!

The final app is called Sound Sleeper and is very important. Getting your baby to sleep at regular hours is almost impossible, but this free app can help you out! This app can recreate white noise sounds like wind, a fan, or a vacuum to help get your baby to sleep. It can even track its sleeping patterns. Very useful for a free app!

Hopefully these apps will be a big help for any new parent out there. These apps can hopefully release some stress and make life a little bit less worrisome. This video is a great help and these apps are sure to be a big help in life. These will make becoming a pro parent much more realistic!