Time-Lapse Of The Lake With 'Earliest Remnants Of Life'

Published July 28, 2017 1,834 Plays $2.20 earned

Rumble / Time LapsesA breathtaking sunset time-lapse of Pavilion Lake, located in British Columbia, Canada. Captured over a 7 hour period, the footage consists of hundreds of photos stitched into this 30 second video. This definitely makes us want to sit back, relax, and enjoy some relaxing time away!

Time-lapse photography is a technique whereby the frequency at which film frames are captured is much lower than that used to view the sequence. When played at normal speed, time appears to be moving faster and thus lapsing. Processes that would normally appear subtle to the human eye, like the motion of the sun and stars in the sky or plant growth, become very pronounced.

The freshwater lake is actually been designated a Canadian Analogue Research Network (CARN) site by the Canadian Space Agency, as it offers scientists and researchers from around the world the opportunity to study the formation of microbialites. According to scientists, microbialites were common from 2.5 billion to 540 million years ago, but today are normally found in harsh environments, which demonstrates that they can also live in non-extreme environments.

Having that in mind, the Pavilion Lake Research Project (PLRP) was established in 2004 as a joint NASA-University of British Columbia project to conduct science and exploration of this lake. It is specifically exciting for the scientists and astrobiologists who are particularly interested research geared towards the search for life in our solar system and beyond! It’s amazing how much we can learn from simply exploring the different areas of our own planet.