UFO Appears During A Sunset Time Lapse Video

AudioColorWorldPublished: September 29, 2014Updated: December 7, 2016187,514 views
Published: September 29, 2014Updated: December 7, 2016

An apparent unidentified flying object appears in the sky during this time lapse video featuring a sunset over Berau, Germany. A breathtaking time lapse was being capturing of a sunset when an unexpected visitor decided to stop by and enjoy the beautiful lightning in the skies! What do you think that could be?

There are so many mysteries in the universe that we often look up to the stars wondering what else is out there that we do not know about. One of the biggest questions surrounding the universe is if there is other life out there besides us? There are people that will argue with certainty that there is, while as others would argue the opposite. Whether each side is true is up for debate, but it seems that this clip right here may have just answered that question!

Check out this haunting footage of a UFO appearing out of nowhere during a timelapse video clip of a sunset, captured in Berau, Germany. Just wait until the end! It indeed is shocking! If that video was edited, kudos to the person that did that as it would take a lot of skill to edit something like that. For all we know, that could be real footage of extraterrestrial life visiting our skyline!

With the sheer size of the universe alone, it would be hard to imagine that we are the only life in it. There must be other life out there besides us, but then again people are entitled to believe whatever they want. Is this clip an example of some sort of alien creature trying to contact us? Probably not, but it could be!

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    dcwuk · 1 year ago

    ISS ?

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    JB71 · 11 weeks ago

    Looks generated. If the camera was set up for time lapse it wouldn't be movable,it would be stationary, so there is one rub,the other is why do they always use balls of light....they should be either a craft with lights or cloaked don't you think...I'm Leary of the ball of light ufo theory...why build a craft of such amazing abilities and then make it stick out like a sore thumb by making it light up like a sun...makes no sense

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    marmaduke · 10 weeks ago

    It’s reentering the atmosphere

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    boomerangsbyVic · 10 weeks ago

    Good video but I think it may have been filmed through glass. Look closely at 6 seconds of the film. At the top left you see light coming in and then it stretches out into a thin line. Once it has reached max you see the light ball come in and travel across the screen. It appears to me that something on this side of the glass reflected back onto the glass and showed up in the video.

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    mentummike · 9 weeks ago

    I agree with "boomerangsbyVic", that this is a spot of light appearing on a window. It is also quite possible that it is a sundog, a completely natural phenomenon that can appear in the sky, cause by the refraction and reflection of the sun's image in the sky or clouds. It has to be either/or, because the motion of the "spot" corresponds exactly to the sped-up motion of the setting sun. In fact, the only thing that suggests a "UFO" in flight is the sped-up motion of the spot of light itself, which is kind of dumb.

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    spacebuds · 9 weeks ago


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    Reggy · 9 weeks ago

    The dumbness of my fellow Humans never ceases to amaze and terrify me. eg: ''Is this clip an example of some sort of alien creature trying to contact us?'' That's an awfully huge and disproportionate assumption to make from what is an obvious artefact..

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    dianaadams999 · 5 weeks ago

    It could be a meteorite