The Attack Of The Big Australian Huntsman Spider

7 years ago

When the term Australia comes to your mind, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the awesome heritage? The insanely charming accent? The incredibly fluffy merino sheep? Or is it the size of the critters that call the small continent their home?

Australia might be an exotic place and so are its natural inhabitants. While working on a renovation in someone’s home, one contractor came face to face with one of the Australian disastrous wildlife and it is safe to say it didn’t go quite as he had planned.

The video, shot in Christmas Creek in the state of Queensland, Australia, shows the contractor battling a massive Huntsman Spider in his client’s home. The stripped eight-legged demon can be seen hanging from the ceiling, minding its own damn business, but the contractor and his client would really like for the critter to just get out. So they tried shooing it away with a broom.

This inhabitant from the fiery pits of hell knows where he belongs, this is turf and he isn’t going anywhere. He certainly didn’t walk up a water spout and that broom means nothing to him. The chasing seemed to bother him, so instead of running away, the huge arachnid jumps right into their faces and we jumped from our seats!

We don’t know where that spider landed, but we do know that this tough Aussie can scream like a little girl. Eek!

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