Rescuers Called To Save A Mother That Had Just Given Birth

Published July 21, 2017 96,258 Views
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Summer has been living on the streets of Los Angeles for quite some time. Members of the community provided her with food, but one day she was left pregnant. Those same members were the ones who called in for some assistance, because the didn’t want Summer’s babies to live the same fate.

“She lived on the streets for a long time; she was fed by neighbors who found her a delight and who loved having her around. However, she also had babies in the bushes that needed help. The people reached out to us so that the babies and the mother could live in better and healthier conditions", said Eldad Hagar, founder of <a href="" target="_blank">Hope For Paws</a>.

Summer had just given birth to her six puppies, so she stayed quietly in a bush, tending to her babies. When the rescuers finally arrived, they were met by a happy mother, who seemed to know that these people were here to help her tiny family. Summer even allowed the human to get close to her puppies, a trait not typical for new mothers.

The rescuers immediately took Summer and her <a href="" target="_blank">puppies</a> to a vet in order to get them checked out, and they found out that all was well with each of them. After thoroughly examining her, Hagar and his colleagues determined that Summer was most likely a Berger Picard; a breed that is too rare to be found living in the streets.

Summer and all her puppies were placed into foster care, where they can play and grow until the puppies are old enough to be adopted.

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