These Two Birdies Can't Keep Their Beaks Off Each Other

HappyWingsSanctuaryPublished: July 18, 2017Updated: July 19, 201722,684 views
Published: July 18, 2017Updated: July 19, 2017

It is Valentine’s day, a day of the year when people either crawl down into a comfy corner to avoid the rest of the world, those who love to go out and about, showing the world how in love they are!

There are folks who shudder at even the thought of a public display of affection. Don’t get us wrong, we too agree that there are thing that should be kept for encounters in closed quarters. But how can someone feel uneasy about a passionate kiss between two people who love each other deeply?

These birds certainly know that there is nothing wrong with showing some love and affection out in public! Perched on top of their cage, the two budgies share such loving kisses, we can’t help by exclaim “awwww”, while hearts flash before our eyes. Booey and Sweet Pea find love and can't stop kissing in this adorable clip. How cute! Love in definitely inn the air when these two are around!

It is the definitive sign that your two budgies like each other! “Kissing” doesn’t necessarily mean your birdies will mate, but you can rest easy that they have bonded and will get along splendidly.

It’s very unusual, but sometimes a pair of birds will not settle down together happily. They might fight, or they might stay on opposite sides of the cage. There will be no mutual grooming, and they will not sit and chatter together. In these situations the birds should be separated. Sometimes a mirror can help break the ice – the birds will interact with the ‘newcomers’, and that might shift the social balance of the ‘flock’ sufficiently for them to become more friendly.

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