Puppy smothers Great Dane with loving kisses

Published June 2, 2017 114,009 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere's no such thing as too many adorable pup videos! This one will melt your heart at the very begining. Here we have a tiny pup that obviously loves his older and bigger fella so much, he can't spend a minute without him!

That being said, this patient giant is having a blast, since he's not moving an inch, allowing his tiny friend do virtually anything with him! The tiny buddy decides to shower him in kisses and higs, and our hearts are simply melting at the very sight of it.

What's cuter than watching a true friendship in the making? We're sure you don't want to miss this adorable display of affection that is guaranteed to brighten your day!

Best friends in the making!


  • trouble, 3 years ago

    Poor baby. He just wants to sleep. How cute.

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