Dreaming Dog Falls Off Couch

Published July 20, 2017 43,657 Plays $33.33 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsSeize the day might be a good quote to live by, but, come on - sleep is life! Boring time passes quicker, but the ultimate sweetness comes from the feeling of floating through clouds, especially if you are wrapped in a soft blanket and a big fluffy pillow…

It seems that even dogs aren’t immune to sweet, sweet sleep. Animals from far and wide have been seen falling asleep while standing up and it has to be the most adorable thing you will see all day. This dog seems to be no exception!

This big guy seems to have everything under control when it comes down to falling asleep and just relaxing over all, but the position in which he does is not certainly the safest one, to say the least. As its dreaming about rainbows and butterflies and chasing them on an open field, he seems to move his feet as if everything is real and not a dream.

Little by little he has found him self to slowly slip of the edge off the couch which in the original place he was way to close to begin with. After just a couple of sudden movement he finds himself laying on the ground after which he immediately wakes up. The cat just sits there, being a cat and observes the scenario.

Check out Izzy the Staffy dream away during nap time with the cat. Wait for the end! The cat's reaction is hilarious!