Hyper Dog Runs Head Over Heels And Hilariously Falls Off The Couch

Storyful Published January 3, 2018 4,664 Plays

Rumble Adorable footage has emerged featuring an overly excited pooch making wrong calculations. Watch as this ecstatic dog comes rushing into the living room and makes a sudden jump on the armchair but infamously falls to the ground.

This dog wrongly miscalculated the distance after running and jumping on his owner’s couch in South Dakota. As soon as he landed on the sofa, he hilariously slipped through the crack between both seats! Poor guy, he is humiliated by his clumsiness!

Watching this dog run with such excitement make us wonder what caused his sudden emotion. This dog is running head over heels and jumps for the chair. However his poor calculation of the chair positioning sends him flying off the chair and on the floor.

This hilarious video will send you laughing the moment you witness the clumsy pooch hit the floor, due to miscalculations. Judging by the embarrassed look on this dog’s face we can conclude that his inglorious jump ended in epic fail.

We wonder how many times this clumsy pooch has jumped excitedly on the chair by unexpectedly slipped and fell through the crack between both air chairs. The owner must have noticed this funny habit in his dog and decided to film his inglorious fail! Have you ever caught your pet red-handed in the moment of a shameful act or in the middle of an epic fail?

Dogs act funny like this when they get a case of zoomies. Does your dog have a moment when it’s so hyperactive, and they can’t stop running around the house? Well, almost all dogs have those kinds of moments! Those moments are called zoomies!

Unless your dog is a chronic couch potato, dogs are kinetic creatures by their nature — it’ like they are incapable to stay still and they have the urge to just, run and sprint back and forth across the living room. Sometimes they will even twirl and jump on the couches just like this pooch, and his energy is exhilarating and contagious.

He's dashing through the house when the lounge chair lingers in his way. With not precisely one moment to think, he jumps into the air going for the soft cushions. He winds up miscalculating his jump, and he falls from the edge of the couch right on the floor.

He was not hurt, and by the looks on his face, he is having fun. The only thing that was damaged was probably his pride. After his fall, his is perhaps thinking that nobody saw him and it is okay; he can continue dashing around the house again.

However, this video went viral, and thousands of people have seen this adorable fall, and this excited dog and everyone thinks that he is just so cute! A great lesson can be learned from this sweet pooch.

That when life brings you down, we should get back right away on our feet and continue with our lives as nothing happened.

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Credit: Adam Kask via Storyful