This Kid Knows That Ice Cream Is Equally Important As Sleeping

KristaBrPublished: July 12, 2017Updated: July 13, 201723,938 views
Published: July 12, 2017Updated: July 13, 2017

Being a little kid is so hard. Everyone has such big expectation from you - when to start talking, when to start walking, putting your shoes on the right foot, tying them the right way...why can’t kids just eat ice cream and nap all day long?

This is probably the exact dilemma this little boy had in the back of his parents’ car. Should he sleep or should he finish his ice cream? That cone looks so delicious and it also looks like it has melted half way through, which is probably also a reason why he is in such a hurry to finish it. Seat belt strapped to hold him in place on the journey, his head bobs up and down with the movement of the car, but the hand that holds the ice cream does not move further from his mouth. If that isn’t prime dedication, we don’t know what is! Ice cream is equally as important as sleep, y’all!

He is not the only one either! When 2-year-old William Farhoud went to the supermarket with his parents in Tenerife, Spain, he had already spent an entire day at the beach. The beach was super fun and he had an amazing time, but his fuel light was blinking and the tiny engine needed a refill.

So dad Alex bought the tot a huge ice cream cone that he was supposed to eat after they check out at the register, but the kid was hungry so they gave it to him while at the cashier. It seems the sweet tot wants to improve his multitasking skills by eating while sleeping - or sleeping while eating. According to his parents, this is a normal thing with William; he has been known to fall asleep while eating pasta at home.

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