Adorable Toddler Falls Asleep But Won’t Let Go Of His Ice-Cream

Caters_NewsPublished: August 15, 201749 views
Published: August 15, 2017

Despite being so young, this adorable toddler has a very hard time making a very important decision - should he fall asleep or continue eating his ice cream?

When 2-year-old William Farhoud went to the supermarket with his parents in Tenerife, Spain, he had already spent an entire day at the beach. The beach was super fun and he had an amazing time, but his fuel light was blinking and the tiny engine needed a refill.

So dad Alex bought the tot a huge ice cream cone that he was supposed to eat after they check out at the register, but the kid was hungry so they gave it to him while at the cashier. “We were putting the groceries in the bags and the cashier started laughing and pointing at our son and we turned around and we saw him falling asleep on the ice cream.” said the dad.

“I reached out to him and tried to grab the ice cream from him so he wouldn’t drop it on him but he refused to let go and wouldn’t give up his ice cream.”

It seems the sweet tot wants to improve his multitasking skills by eating while sleeping - or sleeping while eating. According to his parents, this is a normal thing with William; he has been known to fall asleep while eating pasta at home.

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