Skateboarding Meets Basketball In This Epic Trick Shot Compilation

Published July 6, 2017 2,296 Views

Rumble / Trick ShotsThis is the incredible footage of one very talented young man who combined two of his favorite sports into one and created this new discipline. This is where skateboarding meets basketball! Eden Powers shares with us these incredible basketball trick shots all while riding and performing tricks on a skateboard. How cool is that?

This talented young man has perfected the best of these two sports and put his skills into action all at the same time. Footage shows the incredible compilation of epic trick shots scored on a basketball performed by a man riding on a skateboard. The most amazing part is that he performs both basketball and skateboard tricks simultaneously! And of course, scores with flying colors!

He does skateboard flips in the air while he slam dunks the basketball! Is this man from another earth or what? The new star is born! Check out this guy's talent as he keeps the tricks going in this amazing compilation. He is endlessly pulling one trick after another, as if he has abundance of skills up his sleeve. Take a leaf out of Eden’s book and combine your favorite sports! Who knows maybe the results will be amazing!

This is the incredible moment when a talented man manages to pull some amazing basketball stunts, putting two different sports into action, making for a double score!

You have never seen something like this before! Check out this video as Eden Powers performs a series of epic shots involving jumps and flips on a skateboard, and scoring with a basketball through a hool. In addition he passes with flying colors!

How did he manage to pull off something so amazing? How many attempts do you think this compilation took to pull off? We are guessing plenty!

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