The Makeover Guy Gives Woman An Incredible Transformation

Published July 6, 2017 2,878,574 Views $4,643.05 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleChristopher Hopkins is known for the makeovers he gives women over forty, and after watching this transformation video you will hardly believe your eyes.

Mary Johnson from Fargo, North Dakota paid a visit to the Makeover Guy’s ReVamp salon in Minneapolis. She was a little anxious but fully ready for complete transformation. Mary was amazed by Christopher’s work from watching videos of other women’s makeovers and decided to give it a try.

Christopher had a special surprise for Mary up his sleeve. This video shows the jaw-dropping footage after Mary’s makeover. Before, she was dressed in casual clothing with no makeup, her hair is grayish with some white in the front, and there’s hardly any curl in it. You can see every single pretty freckle that dots her face and gives her age.

After the makeover, it is like Christopher waved a magic wand and turned her into someone else. It is the most successful identity transformation, she looks amazing! Mary is now a blonde woman with highlights popping in the front to replace the white streaks, and the rest of her hair is a strawberry blonde shade.

She is pleasantly surprised and feels incredible. When it comes to a makeover, how a person feels inside carries more weight than what’s going on outside. It was when a stranger in a bar gave her foury, that this lady in her sixties really started to glow. Her excited reaction and beautiful new style will sure make you smile!

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