MAKEOVER: It's Me! by Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy®

Published July 6, 2017 2,875 Plays $6.97 earned

Rumble Subscribe: : The Makeover Guy® Salon-Spa 612 377 2711 - Arlene came from Alabama with a bit of control issues. Being on who likes to be in control of the process it was a pleasant dance when she let me lead. Joann Hopkins explained why leggins are not a good thing for most. Kami showed how to keep eyeliner in place. Audrey created the perfect color. I left length but addded some volume on top to help create the feminine, romantic personal style that she wanted. At the end she said "It doesn't look like me." I replied..."It looks to me like the woman I have gotten to know as we've spoken." Which, as we've come to discover, is... really the person inside.