Natural bug repellants | Rare Life

Published June 29, 2017 340 Views

Rumble When the calendar finally marked the beginning of summer, some of us finally threw those heavy winter clothes and went out to back in the summer sun. But there are some of us that knew what summertime really means. They come like an invasion and buss all around us, keeping us up at all hours of the night, because we have to keep ourselves away from the poisonous pricks of mosquitoes!

If those products you buy off the counter don't work for you, here are some natural ideas that you can use that might help you in the war against those tedious bugs.

You can use mint flavored mouthwash to spray all over yourself. Not only will the mint keep you cooler during the heat, but the fresh smell will keep the pesky attackers away.

If you perspire a lot, keep yourself hydrated at all times, because the natural gases that we release when we sweat is like magnet for mosquitoes!

If you have a ceiling fan in your house, keep it on! These bugs are “lazy flyers”, so they will steer clear of the path of the vortex.

Also, you can keep fragrant plants and herbs in your garden. Your guests will love them smell, but the bugs will avoid it like hell!

Here are some other tips on how to spend the summer bug-safe ! Don't forget to share!