This Is Why You Are Always On Mosquito's Wish List For Bites

Published April 13, 2017 951,410 Views

Rumble As much as we might love summer, with the long days and warm nights, one thing we all simply cannot stand about the season is the onslaught of those pesky bloodsuckers! They buzz around your head while you sleep and if you react severely to their bite, the buzzing can keep you up all night while trying to avoid their prick. But did you know that mosquitoes actually love some people more than others? Here are some of the reasons why certain folk are more likely to fall victim of the tiny critters:

If you work out, the sweat on your skin and the lactic acid in your muscles will make you irresistible for mosquitoes and if you are pregnant, you emit more CO2, which is what paints a target on your forehead.

When you drink, alcohol boosts your metabolism, which in turn makes you emit more CO2 (again). If you wear dark or bright colored clothes, it's like wearing a neon sign for mosquitoes to find you. And lastly, something you cannot change, type 0 blood has been proven that is most yummy to the buggy vampires.

So in essence, wear clothes what blend you in with the light, shower regularly and drink a lot of water to flush out the lactic acid, if you do work out. For the rest of you, invest in a quality bug repellent and cross your fingers that if makes you invisible to mosquitoes!

However, there are many natural mosquito repellents. What’s your favorite all-natural ways to keep mosquitos and bugs away?