If Cats Said 'Mom' Instead Of 'Meow', It Would Look Like This

6 years ago

It may sound sad for some and incomprehensible for others, but there is folk out there who opt out of having offspring of their own for reasons unique to them and instead choose to keep pets their whole lives. We can only assume that reason being is pets don’t yell at you “mom” and “dad” every time they need help or want something. We can only speculate.

But even the pets learn how to communicate with their owners. While dogs are more expressive, bending over when they want to play or looking at the hoomans with those big <a href="https://rumble.com/v4d4up-that-bulldog-face-we-cant-resist.html" target="_blank">puppy eyes</a>, cats have but one means of communication - their voice. Cats have been proven to only meow when they have to convey something to their human companions.

But what if, instead of ‘meow’, cats yelled ‘mom’? We have <a href="https://rumble.com/user/coleandmarmalade/" target="_blank">Cole and marmalade</a> to bring that scenario to life and after just 20 seconds, boy are we glad they don’t speak!

When a cat wants attention, he will come right at your face, nudge your hands or pat your shoulder. If the food bowl is empty, they will trill. They will make the same sound if they see you after a long time too, so it can get a bit confusing. Sure, they can also meow in the most inconvenient of moments too. But can you imagine is your cat shouted “mom” and “dad” instead of meowing?

Of course, there are times when we wish our pets could use words to tell us what is wrong with them r if they are sick, but boy, are we glad they don’t use human language!

Happy Mother's Day to all the PAWSOME cat moms out there!

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