Bulldog Pulls Puppy Eyes To Let Owner Know It Is Time For His Beauty Sleep

Published February 5, 2018 62,866 Views $3.88 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIt's completely understandable if English Bulldogs are not your cup of tea. There are people who think they're downright ugly and would never consider owning one. On top of that, there can be health concerns and they're known to be high maintenance. If that's you, no worries!

However, for many families when you combine the larger-than-life personality with a face full of fuzzy wrinkles, you get one absolutely irresistible fluffy creature prone to having moody episodes. Reuben the Bulldog is one that turns on the pouty charm at the drop of a hat and has his owners wrapped around his paws!

Everyone’s a little cranky in the morning, that is inevitable, but Reuben is clearly not a morning person and can get quite grumpy when he is sleepy. Watch how he stares at owner with his lazy puppy eyes, trying to say something but words won’t come out of his mouth! Actually, what he really wants is to continue napping. Too funny!

It is so adorable to see how grumpy and cranky these dog breeds can get, and how cute Reuben’s whining can get. Their natural face expression alone makes for a very sad appearance, so it comes as no surprise that these pups can seem to be eternally dissatisfied with life!

Seeing this bulldog comfortably resting his heavy head on the couch, enjoying the coziness of his home, makes it understandable why he feels so tired all the time and his favorite activity is napping! His face cant get cutter nor more sad as he stares down his owner in the politest of ways. He has also tried to pull the oldest trick in the book when he puts on the most "puppy" eyes ever.

Moments later, Reuben gets bored and is tired of the long conversation he had with owner, so he decides to get to the floor and catch some beauty sleep. He really has the traits of a king, but the king of sloth and laziness! Judging by his reactions, he just wants to sleep and never leave his home!