Dog Family Gets Happy Ending After A Stressful Rescue

Published June 27, 2017 58,333 Plays

Rumble Pet owners get some tissues ready as this video will truly tug on your emotions. In this video a group of stray rescue workers rescue a family of dogs from an old abandoned house. This rescue was incredibly stressful as the abandoned house was literally crumbling around the rescuers. The mama dog was not happy they were taking her puppies, but it all worked out in the end! This is a video that should not be missed by pet owners and viewers alike!

This heartbreaking video shows that heroes do exist in this world and come in different forms. Heroic rescuers from Stray Rescue of St. Louis arrived at a crumbling, abandoned home and put themselves in danger to rescue this family of dogs. It would be a very stressful rescue, but wait for the happy ending.

They first befriended and captured the male dog and loaded him into the car, then they needed to find the female dog and the puppies, which weren’t as cooperative as the male.
The conditions in the pitch-black basement were disgusting. They used a board to protect themselves from mama dog, who was upset by the fact that rescuers are not giving up, and try to take her puppies. After two hours they had the male and the two puppies safe in the car and the mama dog was exhausted, and they eventually managed to capture her as well.

They were named after the Home improvement family and they are all doing great. The playful puppies Brad and Randy are in a foster home. Tim the Toolman Taylor is a big goofy boy who loves to play, and Jill just loves to cuddle. Tim the Toolman Taylor is already adopted. Jill and the puppies are ready for a home on their own.

Thanks to the rescuers, these dogs will live happy lives with their new families, not having to endure what they previously went through. Faith in humanity is restored!

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