Sewer Rescue | Stray Rescue of St.Louis

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Published: June 27, 2017

Pet owner's hearts around the world will melt and ache when they see this video. An abandoned stray dog in St.Louis gets trapped in the sewers only to be rescued by bystanders who noticed the dog in trouble. The moment the dog escapes is truly one that shouldn't be missed as it is amazing. These heroic bystanders show that anyone can make a positive impact in the world, no matter how small. Pets are amazing companions and friends who need to be cared and loved.

Pets are precious life that shouldn't be treated in any bad way. Many people forget that they have feeling too just like us. They experience moments of sadness, happiness and joy, and more. When the dog escapes your heart can't help but to melt as it seems so happy to finally be free from it confinement.

Dogs and other pets like this need to be cared for and loved by playing with it. Whoever adopts this dog will surely buy lots of dog toys and other treats for it.

To adopt, foster, volunteer or donate please visit:

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