Modern Art: Conquest by Culture

Modern Art is being used as a weapon of mass deception right under our noses and we can neither see the writing on the wall nor smell the odorless, odious poison it emits.

The study of visual art should be serving as a CATALYST for great human creative endeavors to propel us forward into the Golden Age.

It does NOT!

If we are to correct this we must take the time to understand how art got to the crazy state it is in now.

Not realizing the profound effect art has had on mankind deep within so many cultures, we fail to pay attention to modern and contemporary art, dismissing it as a sidebar of life.

However, modern art is one of the most controlled areas of society because it is an easy entrance into the human psyche through one of our five senses: our eyes.

In societal structure art is filed under culture, which is heavily patrolled by all media and is backed by the same oligarchs that control the central banking system, science, health, history and all disciplines of study. Art is considered one of the giants of influence yet it is at the same time downplayed as a mere entertainment feature of life, by design.

We saw the power that visual art can demonstrate over the mind when we were blindsided by the fake prehistoric cave art that was presented to us as visual evidence for man evolving from Apes. Many people bought it.

By studying modern art we can see how this same tactic of persuasion is being implemented today through the Modern Art Complex to goad us toward accepting Transhumanism.

It is important that we remain fully human and organic, connected to Prime Creator Source rather than a synthetic central hub of intelligence where we shall be bound as soulless entities for eternity, slaves to the whims of technology.

The masks of indigenous peoples initially inspired Picasso and he stole their mask imagery and made it his own work. Thus began the extended age of the artistic ravaging and fragmentation of the human species as new artists followed suit. Humans became depicted now as distorted abberations rather than the magnificent beings that we are. This relentless display of tortured and deformed faces fomented a subconscious self-repulsion by the human species over decades.

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