Forgiving Dems Will Be Happy To Replace Biden/Harris | The Tudor Dixon Podcast

26 days ago

In this episode, Tudor and Kyle Olson discuss the recent gaffes and embarrassing moments of Joe Biden during his international trips. They highlight Biden's stumbling at the D-Day memorial event, his gaffes and dozing off at the G7 summit, and his wandering off during a photo op with world leaders. They also discuss the possibility of Biden stepping down and the potential replacement of Kamala Harris as president. The conversation then shifts to the topic of Gretchen Whitmer and her potential as a presidential candidate. They criticize Whitmer's record as governor of Michigan, including the decline in Fortune 500 companies, the poor ranking of child well-being, and the negative impact on the economy. They question Whitmer's qualifications and ability to handle international relations. The Tudor Dixon Podcast is part of the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Podcast Network. For more visit

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