Stunning drone footage of beaches near Athens, Greece

Published June 3, 2017 319 Plays

Rumble / World TravelThe world has many treasures within it. With Earth being so large, it makes it extremely hard for people to see many of these beautiful sights. You would be considered lucky to witness only a handful of different places. That is how vast the planet is. Thankfully the internet was created, it allows us to share pictures and videos, such as this one, to give us an idea about the experience that you would have had in that place.

Here we have a video coming just off the coast near Athens, Greece. This drone footage captures all that makes these beaches beautiful. Although technology can't do any natural beauty justice, this is still a stunning video. It is almost like you are taking a helicopter ride over the beaches while on vacation in this beautiful place.

Did you know that these beaches are located in Attica, about an hour drive from Athens? For other awesome travel videos, be sure to visit to get some ideas for your next trip.

Enjoy an aerial ride over three hidden beaches of Attica in this breathtaking clip.