Enchroma Glasses Introduce Boy To The World Of Colors

Published May 31, 2017 19,122 Plays $26.44 earned

Rumble Colorblind Ezra was moved to tears when his parents bought him a new pair of glasses. Ezra's dad handed him a pair of color-blindness glasses from Enchroma and asked him to name the colors of the laid-out balloons.

This footage filmed on February 7, 2017 in Menifee, California, USA shows Erza's priceless reaction as he is finally introduced to the world of colors. "I prefer this over my color-blindness" he says with teary eyes.

This family followed Enchroma for 3 years, ever since their son was diagnosed with color blindness, and as soon as they were informed about the glasses for kids they decided to give them a try and bought a pair.

They laid out balloons for him in the backyard and brought their son, Ezra, out to try them on. His response was priceless, he never knew what he was missing on, and burst into tears of joy.

Ezra is amazed by the true color he sees and is very thankful to his parents for enabling him to experience the world of color.

Enchroma asked permission to use this video and gave them a free pair as compensation, and Ezra was so happy with his pair that he wanted to give his coach, who has the same form of color-blindness, Protanopia, a pair so they arranged a pair for him as well.

Coach Mike Sanchez has been getting used to his glasses since, and says he sees much more vibrant colors and can now tell which colors he is seeing instead of having to guess.

This heartwarming video reminds us to cherish the simple things in life, like vision and colors.