Guy Tries To Slam And Break A Table But Fails Miserably

Published May 23, 2017 2,546 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsFraternity parties can truly be a hoot! Whenever someone hears the words "frat party", they immediately think of a booze fest - all types of liquor flowing from everywhere. It gives the party goers that extra bit of stimulus to relax, which eventually leads them to do some very stupid things for the sake of entertainment, like the dude in this video.

Getting some liquid confidence doesn’t mean that you’re going to get things done. You might try, but you’ll be amazed at how difficult it gets to do it right. Alcohol slows your body down and works like magic for your stress, but it doesn’t give you any extra superhuman powers like you might think if you’re under its influence.

This footage will definitely make you laugh and then wince a little for this dude. Watch as a guy wearing a yellow shirt jumps off of the porch and tries to slam onto a foldable table in an attempt to break it. Despite his lunge and all of the pep talk before, he only manages to make a tiny dent in the middle. He hits the table hard but it doesn't break. Instead, he bounces off of it and falls straight on his back, feeling a bit worse for wear. We hope he didn't break something else! Remember kids, don’t do this at home, or at other people’s homes for that matter!