Dude Tries Jumping Off A Dirt Ramp, Epically Disappears On Landing

Published June 6, 2017 39,831 Plays

Rumble / Epic FailsWe've seen loads of stunts on the world wide web done by mere mortals, it can be really hard to be impressed by things anymore. Jumping off rooftops with bikes, performing insane stunts and most cringe-worthy, showing off your BMX skills (or better yet, lack thereof) on the rails! What are they thinking?

This guy is clearly a daredevil wannabe! He’s got his dirt ramps ready, he starts from his slide and we see that he will be attempting the simplest of dirt jumps, a.k.a. The Double Jump. He gains his momentum, reaches the first ramp, catches the lip and - he smacks his bike on the landing, being thrown off his bike.

“Oh, fail dude!” says his friend and what an award winning fail it is! This guy should have stayed in science class! We are no dirt jumping experts, but that landing ramp looks a bit too far away, don’t you think?
Over-confidence does not choose, it can happen anywhere. Surprisingly though, you can always count on it hitting the most people right by the seaside. You know, it is a great day to be alive, you are free, it feels good, all your friends are there, what could possibly go wrong? Now let’s have some fun! Jerry for example thought it would be an epic win to slide down a sandy hill on his boogie board. Little did he know it will end in an epic faceplant!

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