Decoding Trauma II (8-20-23)

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01:00 Conservative retired judge says Trump 'corroded and corrupted American democracy'
23:00 NYMAG: Tell Me Why It Hurts - How Bessel van der Kolk’s once controversial theory of trauma became the dominant way we make sense of our lives
32:00 El Jim on Luke the philosopher
35:300 My evaluation of the Republican presidential candidates
57:00 Tucker Carlson Interviews Vivek Ramaswamy
59:00 I want to see Cocaine Bear and I want to see President Vivek Ramaswamy
1:34:00 Psych podcast,
1:40:00 Happiness,
2:05:00 Elliott Blatt joins
2:06:00 Auburn, CA,,_California
2:07:00 Napa Valley,,_California
2:21:00 Ethan Ralph's personality transformation
2:21:30 Josh Moon talks to Ethan Ralph about Nick Fuentes
2:48:20 David Brooke Bobos in Paradise,
2:50:00 Salon: The facts vs. David Brooks: Startling inaccuracies raise questions about his latest book,
Decoding child abuse,
The Trauma Trap,
Is blogging destroying journalism?
How Livestreaming Made Me A Better Man,
Why Do Some People End Their Sentences In 'Yeah'?,
Cruel optimism,
A Fan’s Life: The Agony of Victory and the Thrill of Defeat by Paul Campos,
The Republican Brain,
People Often Base Their Worldview On Bogus Facts,
HP: Richard Hanania, Rising Right-Wing Star, Wrote For White Supremacist Sites Under Pseudonym,
The Obama Factor: A Q&A with historian David Garrow,
Decoding Decoding The Gurus, Part Two,
Decoding Deep Left JOKL (7-24-23),
Decoding Try That In A Small Town (7-21-23),
Decoding Ben Shapiro (7-16-23),
Analyzing Steve Sailer’s Latest Interview (7-13-23),
Decoding Jean-Francois Gariepy (7-12-23),
Decoding Bronze Age Pervert,
Decoding politics,–right_political_spectrum
Dennis Prager Falls Into The Conspiracy Rabbit Hole,
The Confluence of the Gurosphere,
United States of A-Merit-A,
Trump stokes anger and fury, stoking anger and fury?
A Chat with Nathan Cofnas,
Ganesh on DeSantis,
FT: The vibes theory of politics, Our ‘beliefs’ are often just unexamined tribal loyalties,
Decoding Dennis Prager,
John J. Mearsheimer on Ukraine,
Is Gossip Good?
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