This Baby Has Some Fine Motor Skills For An 18-Days-Old

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Published: May 10, 2017

When we see videos of babies, they usually do something cute or silly. Some giggle in a very contagious way, others hold their spoon funny. Heck, there is this one video of baby making the most adorably confused face when they blow air in his face, like a kitten! But when it comes it this little fella, the fascination comes from a very different place and you are about to find out what that is.

Every parent would want to think that their little treasure is a prodigy of some kind. But in the case of little Adam Power from the town of Pennsauken in southern New Jersey, we think it is pretty safe to say that the boy has something. Like a set of impressive motor skills.

At just 18 days old, most newborns don’t do much, other that being completely precious while eating, sleeping, even filling their diapers. But Adam here is able to feed himself. Not to the extent of getting out of his bassinet, walking to the kitchen and warming up his milk, no. But the kid can actually hold his own milk bottle while feeding! It is a task that most kids are unable to perform until the age of several months after birth, not to mention just over four weeks!

According to the guides at Baby Center: “Some babies have the fine-motor skills required to hold a bottle — and get it to its target — as early as 6 months. For others, it will be closer to 10 months. The only way to tell if your baby can hold his own bottle is to hand him one and watch what happens.”

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