4 years ago

"Tot Girl Shares Her Bottle of Milk with Baby Goats"

"It's all about sharing and having fun, and the children know that best! They are perfectly honest and loving little creatures, who are so often ready to share whatever they have. They are especially compassionate to other small living things like baby animals, and this video is a perfect example of that! You simply have to see this adorable tot girl and her new petting zoo friends. She seems to find baby goats particularly interesting, so she stops in front their living space and starts feeding them from a baby bottle, one by one. She even tries to make sure that each and every baby goat get an equal share by going from one to the other offering them a bottle of milk. Isn't she just amazing? We are definitely sure that this little girl is going to be a great philanthropist one day too, or at least a new Dr. Dolittle!"

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