Adorable Kitty Falls Asleep Mid-Reading

cutepawsmeowPublished: April 7, 2017Updated: April 10, 201731,837 views
Published: April 7, 2017Updated: April 10, 2017

Is it just this lovable cat in the world of pets that wants to show off her so-called ability to read or is it because playing, sleeping and eating all day long does not simply satisfy her appetites? Maybe with the help of the reading, she wants to enter the world of enchanted worlds and unexplained mysteries?

Is it the unquenchable thirst for knowledge or just the sweet idea of browsing through the pages just like human beings do? Who knows what has got into this kitty’s brain, but one thing is sure – reading has its way of making this kitty go to sleep incredibly quickly.

With her soft sweet paws, she studiously turns the pages one by one but somehow can not lend on the page she aims at because, Oh God, sleeping is much sweeter than reading. And the book is just a tiny instrument that leads her to dreamland. Glasses make her studious face more irresistible than it actually is and the white bow around her neck gives the impression of a very serious cat that has thrown herself under the rug of endless opportunities that only reading can render.

Reading is a bliss for this cat as for most of us, especially when it provokes such a soothing sleep. Nothing can be done, except embracing the sleep and surrender. There is no fight or flight response for this kitty, it is only ‘accept it and enjoy’ response. So, next time you crouch with a book in your bed, follow this cat’s example for a problem-free and careless day.

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