Kitty Finds Out She'll Share The House With Pooch, Has A Meltdown

NewsflarePublished: June 28, 2017661,704 views
Published: June 28, 2017

This 9 year-old, very large, very loving, and very expressive 20-lb cat that we adopted off the streets of Cairo, Egypt, who is used to being "top-dog" in the home, is never shy of letting anyone know his feelings. You could say he was "less than thrilled" to meet the new family dog for the first time through the front window. Watch this cat's hilarious reaction to meeting the new <a href="" target="_blank">family dog</a> coming home for the very first time! It doesn't look like he is very excited to meet this potential friend. He wants the house to himself, but I don't think this is an option anymore!

We've all had those moments, whether it was meeting a new sibling or family member, and hating the idea of having to share a home with them. This cat expresses these emotions perfectly as it can be heard in his hilariously loud and high-pitched whine! Hopefully the cat and dog ended up becoming best friends after this video was created!

If the cat doesn't end up liking the dog, he could always use a new <a target="_blank" href="">best selling cat toy on Amazon</a> to play with and have fun with. Hopefully that will keep him occupied off the new family member.

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    • 6 rumbles
      nyITguy49 weeks ago

      What is hilarious about a cat in distress?

      • 4 rumbles
        Sleedog49 weeks ago


    • 4 rumbles
      Buzzard49 weeks ago

      NOT FUNNY; and the people are going to wonder what is wrong with their cat, when it starts "acting" out in the house and pooing and "P"ing everywhere in the house. Cruel to expose the cat to that dog(s), and not giving the animals a time frame to get used to each other. Makes me mad; it's not the cats fault. stupid ppl.

    • 2 rumbles
      GhostofaGirl32 weeks ago

      There's definitely a better way to introduce furbabies than this...poor kitty!! 馃槥

    • 1 rumble
      amanita23 weeks ago

      Wow,this cat is very upset.You really find this " A hilarious reaction"? Don't you even like your cat? I find this to be very very sad.