This Video Serves To Teach You To Never Brake Check A Semi

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Published: April 6, 2017

Semis are big vehicles. Given they have to haul enormous amount of freight, semis have moving power that can be difficult to stop at a moment's notice, so you would be smart to steer clear of their path if you find yourself near them on the freeway.

This driver, however, was "fortunate" enough to have the finger shown to him by the driver of that van, just before he tries to brake check the semi. If you ignore the rudeness, all you are left to judge upon is the guy's reasoning.

What was he thinking? The finger was retrieved just before the semi's momentum nudged the driver into some sense and he slammed the gas pedal! Thank goodness for that dash cam.

This driver had it easy! A little slap on the butt and he was reminded that no, his caravan is no match for the 80,000 pounds of raw force rolling around on the highway! We will go out on a limb here and say that the semi probably isn’t missing a speck, while the caravan’s behind, well… he might at least need a new paint job.

This other driver had it much worse and that was purely out of negligence. A semi driver had the most unfortunate thing happen to them on the highway some 2 miles outside Lewisville. They are trying to over take a caravan in the middle lane, but a silver sedan from the far right lane tries to move to the far left lane on the highway, right in front of the heavy vehicle, cutting him off! The result is not at all pleasing.

This here is natural selection at it's finest!

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  • 4 rumbles
    CaptGene · 49 weeks ago

    ( ... sigh ... ) It pains me to say this but Darwin was right.

    • 3 rumbles
      wildboy6x6 · 49 weeks ago

      Yup or natural selection at its best

  • 2 rumbles
    Jumpa · 49 weeks ago

    what a fucking idiot

    • 1 rumble
      30YEARCDLDRIVER · 3 days ago

      Which one? The idiot in the pickup truck doing the break checking or the semi merging into the left lane when the pickup truck was passing him?

  • 2 rumbles
    LaCarcagne · 48 weeks ago

    This is why I got a dash cam...

  • 2 rumbles
    stamatova64 · 47 weeks ago


  • -1 rumbles
    wimpee · 44 weeks ago

    Why can't you remove the green and white triangle in the middle of the picture?

    • 2 rumbles
      ladylaetitia · 25 weeks ago

      Seriously? Click on the triangle to start the video - it is not a static picture.

  • 2 rumbles
    Baltimore · 39 weeks ago

    That van driver was so Crude and inconsiderate.😡👎😾😾

  • 1 rumble
    Sanfran913 · 38 weeks ago

    It's not a van. Js

  • 1 rumble
    Slarv · 3 days ago

    Semis fault, all day long.