This Short Clip Is The Perfect Example Of How Not To Pass A Semi

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Published: June 29, 2017

This is what happens when you pass a tractor trailer unit without knowing what's in front of the truck. The irresponsible driver should have known that the truck was slowing down for a reason. Very disturbing!

There seem to be less and less good drivers out there, and it is like nobody bothers to drive by the book anymore which increases the number of car accidents. This video teaches a great lesson on “how not to pass a semi”!

A semi-trailer truck, more commonly called a "semi" is the combination of a tractor unit and one or more semi-trailers to carry freight.

This semi was driving on a straight motorway and a red car can be seen driving in front of it. After a few moments, the semi is obviously slowing down because the can in front gives a signal for a left turn.

That is when we can hear the truck driver shout “Oh my Gosh” and then he starts honking. Next thing, everything happens so fast. We see the red car make a left turn when another car is passing the semi and speeding by, so it directly crushes into the turning car.

Every driver is responsible for staying safe on the road. It is very important to keep a distance. Trucks need a lot more room to stop than passenger cars need. This means, whether you’re driving in front of or behind a truck, be sure you’re leaving plenty of room in between vehicles.

Unfortunately, this driver didn’t remember this rule, and walked into a death trap. Let’s hope that there are no victims in this horrible car accident!

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    • 2 rumbles
      BroncoBob · 20 weeks ago

      Freaking stupid ass inexperienced driver (4 wheeler).

    • 6 rumbles
      Tramp · 3 weeks ago

      I agree the driver of the second car is an idiot. My question in what moron okayed a passing zone in an intersection?

      • 5 rumbles
        Mika · 2 weeks ago

        That's not the trucker's responsibility! You shouldn't be passing someone unless you are 100% certain you can do so safely. The car behind was driving WAY too fast, they are 100% at fault. As for the mention that they hope there's no victims. Sorry but there are victims, the people in the car that got hit and the truck driver for having to witness this and be part of it.

          • 3 rumbles
            darlacollins311 · 1 week ago

            Mika is right. That is not the truckers responsibility. That isn't even taught in drivers ed. Don't blame the trucker for not doing something that YOU think he should! Brake lights are all that second driver needed. Just because he's an idiot doesn't make the trucker at fault. I was a professional truck driver and I was NEVER told to turn my signal on because the person in front of me had theirs on.

    • 5 rumbles
      Mattronin · 2 weeks ago

      Wait, is this idiot seriously saying the truck driver is at fault.... 😂😂😂 So many dumb people in this world. I've driven over 650,000 miles in my life, and I've never once seen someone signal for someone else. Hazards in a dangerous situation, sure. But just putting a turn signal on when someone else is turning in front of you.... no.... that's just retarded. All you're doing is falsely advertising that you're gonna turn to. IF, and it's a big ass IF, but IF the trucker saw it coming (which you can clearly see and hear he didn't notice until it was too late), but IF he saw it coming, hazards would be the appropriate course of action there. Truckers fault...smdh. get a clue.

    • 0 rumbles
      Bonobono · 2 weeks ago

      No ones fault. That intersection should have been marked as a no passing zone.

    • 2 rumbles
      Amandaallen1979 · 1 week ago

      that was really stupid of the state to put a passing lane by intersection when it should of been a double solid line for no passing for saftey. The truck driver tries to warn but i hope all are ok

      • 1 rumble
        Tcduluthmn · 5 days ago

        Why is there a passing zone at an intersection, they need to sue the municipal that was responsible for this. But the passing car was going way too fast he sould have seen the intersection coming and slowed down for it at the very least