Mom Gets Overly Emotional When She Hears Her Daughter's Pregnancy Announcement

Published March 30, 2017 320,116 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleAnnouncing a pregnancy to the world is an incredibly important moment for a family. It's one of those life-changing things that will be remembered for years. To some, perfectly styled professional photo shoots are the way to go. For others, it's all about expressing how ridiculously happy and emotional they are. Then, there are the parents who see no other choice but to show off their sense of humor. And many make our Instagram and Facebook feeds so much better for it.

It totally makes sense, though. When babies are born, lives are changed forever, and there's no better way to celebrate -- and laugh at that -- than with a funny pregnancy announcement. There are countless ways to create a funny pregnancy announcement. They can be sweetly funny involving the family pets or older siblings. They can also be hilariously real and unrestrained. The possibilities are almost endless

There is nothing more elevating than the moment a woman finds out she is pregnant, it is a feeling that can’t be matched to anything else in the world. And then comes the fun part, how will you break the news? The possibilities are endless. The idea of disclosing this great news is brought into light in this video and it is hilarious. First comes the shock followed by happiness and tears. It is a highly emotional moment and tears are just a logical response to such news as the face of this blissfully ecstatic grandma shows. We wish them nothing more but the best of luck.

Well hold onto your seats, because this mom just found out that her daughter is pregnant and she only has three words that can express her utter excitement: “Oh my god!” This young lady has some important news to deliver to her mom and dad. What she doesn't expect is her mom's reaction! When she finally tells them that she's pregnant, her mom is swept off her feet, literally!

News like this is always a challenge to deliver, but this young woman totally nails it! Mom on the other hand can't stop screaming with joy, and starts roaming around the room! Hilarious is an understatement for this situation! Congrats mom, you'll be a grandma soon!

Take a look at another video of baby announcement. During a family get-together, a couple conveys the message of a new baby and boy, did it go so well! Together with her husband, the mom-to-be coined a perfect plan to catch everyone off-guard so at the family gathering they they decided to suggest a nice photo op with their remote controlled digital camera. You know, the ones where you have this tiny remote control that you have to press a button for the shutter, but they don’t seem to always catch the signal. On the third shot, the future dad tells the family to say “Erin’s pregnant”. Now, what really fascinates us is how well this distraction worked. Only one of the relatives caught the message and actually said those two words. The others mumbled something unintelligible and stood there in confusion. However, at the end, the screaming in the room was so loud that it hurt our eardrum.


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    whatever you do dont let the upcoming Grand Mother hold the baby!!!!!! LOL

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