Dog Teaches Puppy How To Use Doggy Door

7 years ago

Pets are amazing creatures that brighten up our lives. Sure, they can be a lot of work to raise, almost like raising another family member, but the love and memories that they bring heavily outweigh those challenges. Dogs are especially known for creating funny and lovable moments. No wonder they are considered man’s greatest companions. It seems that one such funny memory has been created here with this adorable puppy!

This sweet puppy hasn't quite figured out the doggy door yet, but not to worry! He's got an adorable mentor to show him exactly how that works! With a couple of tries it seems that this adorable pup has gotten the hang of it!

This clip is so adorable. Doesn't your face just light up when you see it? No wonder pet videos dominated the internet, they are just so adorable and entertaining to watch!

Have you seen something like this before? What adorable behaviors does your pets have? We would love to hear from you so do not hesitate to drop a comment down in the comments section!

Every puppy has been there. They are tiny and unsure of their surroundings, so they will go out and search and discover every nook and cranny they can poke themselves into. But the one thing that almost every puppy is terrified of the stairs in the house. No matter if there are 10 or three of them, when they find themselves on the edge of that first one, they will flatten their ears to their tiny little puppy heads and whine until someone comes to their rescue.

Talking about teaching little puppies, take a look at this nervous puppy that had to be taught how to go down the stairs. At first, the Golden Retriever puppy tells his dad he’s nervous and doesn’t want to do it with the sweetest little whimper, but with some gentle coaxing and encouragement he gives it a try. After a few nervous attempts, the adorable pup gained some confidence and managed the last three steps all on his own.

But oftentimes it is someone closer that gives a little puppy the motivation they desperately need. When this little Frenchie was faced with the daring challenge of going down just one step, the one who came to his rescue was none other that his older adoptive brother! The fluffy pooch goes up and down that step a few times, coercing the pup to play. What happens next is a big leap for puppy kind worldwide. Good job!

Digging holes is a packet deal when you get yourself a Labrador, or almost any dog for that matter! Digging just might be the number one activity that every pooch loves. Whether it’s digging for the sake of making a mess or to hide something precious, you can’t have one without the other. If you don’t have a yard, then it will be your carpet or the couch!

In this other hilarious video, Milo the Chocolate Labrador is shoulders deep into the sand, minding his own business. In comes Honey, his Golden Labrador baby sister, obviously curious as to what is big brother doing. She doesn’t look too well versed in the art of digging. But don’t worry, because Milo saves the day and demonstrates the secrets of the craft in the most adorable way!

Have you ever seen anything like this before? Let us know in the comment section and feel free to upload any of your own videos as well. Check out this adorable moment when a dog is teaching a puppy how to dig! We all need a good teacher in our lives! Good thing for this pup that he's got his big brother around to help him out! Please share this clip with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile! This is one clip that no one wants to miss!

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