This Tiny Horse Is Becoming An Internet Sensation

Published March 28, 2017 10,986 Views

Rumble A tiny horse that lives in Georgia, USA, and suffers from a rare form of dwarfism has become an Internet sensation after his owner posted a video to Facebook. 5-months-old Shammy weights just 50 pounds and he’s little over 20 inches tall. This little fella’s condition may make him smaller than his fellow equines - but that doesn’t stop him from being mischievous and delighting his online fan base. Everyone loves Shamy. People in shops and the town hair salon just adore him and take pictures of him all the time, so he is fast becoming an online sensation.

"He’s a one in a million. He’s very lovable." says his owner Michelle.

It was literally love at first sight. When he was barely 30 days old people came by to see him, some of them wanted to take him home or even buy him. But, of course, his owner Michele will never sell him.

When Shammy is not causing trouble around Michelle’s farm, he wants to relax and show his more loving side.

"When he’s ready to nap, I can come over and lay him down. He will stay with me until i get him up. Shammy is almost like a dog. He would rather be with me than a herd of horses or even with his momma sometimes. He follows me around..." He even waits for her in the yard when she comes back from the town.

This tiny adorable horse is about to have even bigger issues. As horses with his condition get older, they unfortunately suffer more and more. They tend to get artritis and their bodies don’t grow as fast as their internal organs, causing them a hard time.

Have a look at Shamy’s world and smile at his silly behavior. Let’s give him the best time he has left on Earth!

Videographer / Director: Matt Jones
Producer: Daniel Howlett
Editor: Sonia Estal / Ian Phillips

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