Pippin- The Adorable Miniature Horse

Published February 4, 2017 2,877 Views $4.48 earned

Rumble Thanks to Pringle Poirot we can enjoy this beautiful video and share it with you at the same time. Watch how that mini-horse with his sweet nature succeeds to gather around him horses much bigger then him. That miniature stallion is so cute and his sweetness causes so much love, so believe us this video will melt your heart.

As the video starts, you’ll see Pippin going out for a walk and after a while you’ll see where he is heading to. He looks so confident because he knows where he’s going- to a field full of horses, his favorite place to be. As he arrives, a gorgeous white horse approaches the fence and tries to nuzzle him. But, you’ll realize in the very next moment, that not only that horse adores Pippin! More and more horses comes to say “Hi” to Pippin, frankly, we must say that the whole herd gathered around him!

Although miniature horses officially were organized as a breed in 1978, when the American Miniature Horse Association was formed, they existed long time ago. Back in 1950s, miniature were used in the small tunnels of coal mines. Also many of them were favorite pets of royalties.

An interesting fact about this miniature breed is that, they can be found in many colors. Miniatures can be seen in various coats and colors and that’s a thing that makes them very different from other breeds, accept their size.

There is another clip with Pippin that his owner shared with us and there you can see how he changes his color after haircuts every season. It’s such a charming feature that this breed can offer to his owner, which is not acceptable in other breeds.

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