This Service Dog Is Incredibly Happy To Meet Pluto At Disneyland

7 years ago

Ace the Yellow Labrador is in training to become a guide dog with Guide Dogs of America. Recently he had the amazing opportunity to visit Disneyland and meet with Pluto, one of Ace’s heroes.

Ace’s visit to Disneyland was a socialization experiment, a part of his training. His trainer, Sandy Steinblums, says that the objective of this experiment was for Ace to be calm and stay down, while Pluto tries to break his stay.

Sandy is training Ace to be a guide dog for the blind, so she is very thankful to the characters at the park for being very helpful, because Ace still has between six and nine months of training before he can become an official guide dog. This is one amazing video that you are not going to want to miss!

Pets are amazing creatures that bring joy into our lives and make the world much better! They should be treated with the utmost respect and care because they are a valuable member of your family! They may be hard to raise, but the memories that they bring heavily out way the challenges!

Service dogs are working dogs and they are trained to help people in need. People who have disabilities, such as blindness, hearing problems, mental disorders, also they are trained to help people who have post-traumatic stress disorder, seizures, mobility impairment and diabetes.

Also, a service dog means a dog who works for the military, the police or other rescue services. However, the term 'assistance dog' is a term for a dog trained to provide assistance to a disabled person. Dogs are indeed smart and amazing creatures. They are also capable to help individuals with autism. These dogs are taught to calm down the people when they are having a breakdown. They are there to comfort them if they get upset and to be their support.

It is common for an individual with autism to try to run away from home. When this happens, the dog is capable of alerting the parents and also finding the person who has run away from home. They are also trained to prevent the people running into traffic or save them from dangerous situations.

We guess service dogs really love Disney stars! This service dogs is thrilled to meet Minnie mouse at Disneyland! Levi is donning a felt, heart-shaped envelope hung around his neck emblazoned with "Be Mine" in red glitter. The excited pooch approaches Minnie as she embraces Levi's handler in a hug, wagging his tail faster with each passing moment until he jumps up onto Minnie and gently sniffs her nose. What an adorable reaction!

Minnie Mouse is seen holding Levi up by the paws as he sniffs her away, by which time the handler corrects and redirects Levi to regain his composure. Moments later, they pose for literally the cutest photo ever! What an enchanting moment to cherish!

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