Service Dog Thrilled To Meet Minnie Mouse At Disneyland

Published February 19, 2018 348 Plays $0.72 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe glee of meeting a real princess at Disney World is a daily occurrence, but what’s good for a little girl or boy is also good for a dog. That was the case when Levi, a service dog in training, got to meet Minnie Mouse in character during his visit to Disneyland.

Levi is donning a felt, heart-shaped envelope hung around his neck emblazoned with "Be Mine" in red glitter. The excited pooch approaches Minnie as she embraces Levi's handler in a hug, wagging his tail faster with each passing moment until he jumps up onto Minnie and gently sniffs her nose. What an adorable reaction!

Minnie Mouse is seen holding Levi up by the paws as he sniffs her away, by which time the handler corrects and redirects Levi to regain his composure. Moments later, they pose for literally the cutest photo ever!

Footage shows the priceless reaction this service dog presented upon meeting Minnie Mouse at Disneyland. The precious pooch cannot contain his excitement and goes absolutely crazy around this cartoon character. Cuteness overload!

Levi is in training to become a guide dog and recently had an amazing opportunity to visit Disneyland and meet with Minnie Mouse. Levi’s visit to Disneyland was a socialization experiment as part of his training. The objective of the experiment was for Levi to be calm and stay down, while Minnie tries to break his stay.

Footage shows the four-legged fellow trying to contain his excitement upon meeting a Disney character for the first time and sharing an instant bond with it. Watch how happy Levi is to befriend the pretty mouse dressed in bright colors. He happily wags his tail and continuously sniffs around as camera captures this endearing moment.

Undoubtedly, this service dog experienced a magical experience on his recent trip to Walt Disney’s World after meeting his favorite character, Minnie Mouse. This dreamy encounter was a wish come true for the energetic pooch. Judging by his expressions, he will long be thrilled by this beautiful meeting! What an enchanting moment to cherish!