Ice Slab Shatters Entire Windshield

ViralHogPublished: March 22, 2017380,904 views
Published: March 22, 2017

Another gem in the collection of dash cam videos, where everything happens in the blink of an eye! The footage shows a vehicle driving behind a long semi, when a slab of ice breaks of the trailer's roof and smashes in the windshield of the car that's recording! The glass shatters all over, but luckily doesn't crumble, causing further damage.
The driver says: "I was driving down the I-90 around Batavia, NY on my way home to Buffalo, NY when ice flew off the top of a tractor trailer giving me no time to respond. The ice smashed the window up near the roof line. If it were a couple inches lower it would have come through the window and caused serious injury. This was by far the scariest moment in my lifetime where everything slowed down and I saw my life flash before my eyes." Another bizarre moment for the books!
Did you see it happen? Feel free to scroll back a few times to take a good look at it, then share it for your friends to see!

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    NamVetStu · 30 weeks ago

    Here in MA, the police can and will pull over and ticket vehicles with ice and/or snow on them. Especially the Staties on the MA Pike. One fatality too many, I guess, and the legislature made it a crime.