This First-Person View Of A Semi Rolling Down An Icy Mountain Should Be A PSA

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Published: February 7, 2017

A nail-bitingly scary clip of a semi truck rolling down a mountain in Montana, USA during the winter season has started making wild round online recently for one very good reason. Do not try this at home, or on your nearby mountain!

In the clip, the trucker can be seen driving downhill on the side of the mountain. The surrounding snow doesn’t look at all recent and the sun is shining high. It looks like a good day to go for a ride with your semi.

The road looks dry enough, but there is a catch - you can never know what lies ahead, especially when it comes to ice in Montana! Suddenly, the truck starts to slide along the road, losing control and swerving to the left. The trucker was probably freaking out at this point, so he overcorrects to the right and the obvious thing happens.

Ice is a tough partner on the road, because ZERO traction, so the heavy semi slams into the metal barrier on the right side of the road, breaking right through it and starts rolling down hill.

The footage doesn’t give any further details about the damage to the vehicle or to this driver’s health. We hope they are alright and we hope you all have learned a precious lesson.

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      Daniel · 1 year ago

      Had the trucker slowed down while on an ice coated bridge they would have survived while keeping the rig upright not before they would have lost control while taking out a section of the guard rail while rolling several times as the rig was on its side leaking fluids especially coolant and diesel fuel into the body of water.