Wiener Dog Gives Loving Kisses To Massive Lion

Published March 21, 2017 51,164 Views $107.95 earned

This is quite the story of an unusual friendship. Here we have the king of the wild, yes you guessed it, a lion. The most vicious creature with the highest predator instinct. The lion is not only the toughest, strongest but the proudest and scariest of all the land animals. It's in the lion's nature to be respected and feared from all and that's exactly the way he carries himself.

Although, you will not believe your eyes once you see what happens in this video. This is proof that there is kindness above all in this world. This video will for sure blow your mind. A 500-POUND lion and a cute miniature sausage dog have completely turned the idea of fighting like cats and dogs on its head. Bonedigger, a five-year old male lion, and Milo, a seven-year old Dachshund dog, are so close that Milo nonchalantly licks the massive lion's teeth to clean them.

The two have been inseparable over the past five years at G.W Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. Bonedigger and his pack of dogs cuddle, feast on raw meat and play in the grounds together. The park was damaged and flooded, but is managing to provide shelter for domestic and wild creatures that are homeless because of the storm.

Now having to now a little about these two lovely palls, go ahead and complete the picture by taking a look at an ordinary everyday life of these two BFF's. They bond they have created is nothing short of extraordinary!

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