This Bucket Full Of Pug Puppies Is All The Happiness We Need

ViralHogPublished: March 16, 2017166 plays$0.31 earned
Published: March 16, 2017

If you ever need to know the influence a puppy can have on a person, just surprise someone with a puppy. Don’t announce it, don’t tell anyone, just bring a puppy to a person’s doorstep and watch what happens.

One puppy is happiness, but a litter of puppies is just pure bliss. Nirvana. Shangri-La! It is a place everyone would love to go. Companies know the benefit puppies have on stressed out employees, so a multitude of employers around the world have made it a point to bring the tiny puppers in their offices. Productivity shoots through the roof!

For those of you who don’t have the dumb luck to work in a company that has puppies, we apologize. You are not to blame for your situation. We can’t really bring you a puppy to hold, but we can give you the next best thing, and that is a litter of no less than 11 pug puppies for your viewing pleasure!

These pups have probably been gathered for their regular bath. The moment they see their owner, who can be heard talking to her babies in Chinese, they all start jumping on the side of the bucket, trampling over each other for their human’s attention! They are so cute, it made our eyes well up.

What more could you ask for than a bucket of pug puppies?

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