Cockatoo Communicates With The Dog Talking In Her Language

6 years ago

A bizarre video has emerged featuring a friendly Cockatoo barking like a dog, just to get dog’s attention. Not only does it sound like a dog, it bucks its head while it barks, furthering the illusion that it is a dog. Hilarious!

You have probably heard of Einstein, the talking parrot that took the Internet by storm. In fact, most of the bigger birds can imitate sounds and phrases they hear most often in their household. Take Einstein the talking parrot for example. That bird is so advanced in his communication skills, he can ask for his favorite snacks, like popcorn and pizza, he can shower his owner with affectionate word of love, he can even sing nursery rhymes.

Not all parrots are like good old Einstein, but most of them are able to imitate the sounds of other animals. And if they have grown accustomed to another animal in the house, they will most certainly learn their language in order to communicate with it!

Brandy here is only a distant relative to Einstein and she has been living with her humans for the past 31 years. When they brought home Chou Chou the pooch, the bird gave her best shot at learning the dog’s language, because this is a new member of the family and communication is a must. The two have been housemates for the last two years as Chou Chou has been around and Brandy has become a sort of expert in dog language.

Whenever Brandy wants to get attention from her housemate, she approaches the dog carefully and smacks her beak. When that doesn’t work, she takes communication to a whole new level - she barks at Chou Chou! We can’t say whether or not Chou Chou understands Brandy’s bark. But they seem to get along just fine for now! Adorable!

Brandy is a 31-year-old Moluccan Cockatoo and 2-year-old Chou Chou Briard is her housemate. Brandy learned how to bark and beg for attention. Will Chou Chou warm up to her little bird friend, or is it unrequited love? After their sweet encounter, there might be hope after all!

This adorable Cockatoo has learned the best way how to make new friends, especially if they are not your kind! She is one friendly chameleon who knows how to introduce to new friends by trying to speak their language! How impressive! Hilarious footage shows the friendly Cockatoo barking like a dog, trying to get dog’s attention. If you have never watched a parrot barking like a dog, this is a clip you shouldn’t miss!

Parrot species mimic sounds around them to a variety of degrees and for a variety of reasons. Their mimicry skills show off their ability to learn how to behave like other individuals. Imitative vocal learning is also a reliable social display of neural functions requiring good hearing, memory and muscle control for sound production.

Given the huge variety of sounds that parrots mimic, a dog’s bark is pretty far from being the strangest sound a Cockatoo has ever made. Animal science can explain why this bird is offering viewers a hefty dose of cognitive dissonance when it acts and sounds like a dog!

The Cockatoo belongs to a family of medium-sized parrots, which generally communicate with one another by vocalizing in a really loud, annoying squawk. Also, Cockatoos, like other parrots, can mimic the sounds they hear in their environment. These birds have been exposed to strange sounds beyond those of their natural habitat. The viral barking bird, in particular, seems to have either been hanging out with dogs or listening to a whole lot of DMX.

Watch how this adult, cocky bird, tries to communicate with the family dog by talking in dog’s language. It is hilarious how this Cockatoo has picked up language-learning skills from other dogs, and well-mastered the barking technique. She also bucks its head while she barks, making us not believe our eyes!

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