6 years ago

Trekkers Witness A Massive Glacier Wall Collapse In Argentina

Trekkers in Argentinian Patagonia had a unique, once-every-five-years opportunity to witness a massive chunk of the Viedma Lake Glacier collapse and fall into the water of Viedma Lake in Argentina on March 26, 2016

The person who recorded this phenomenon said: “I took it in the end of March 2016 at the Viedma Glacier in the Argentinian Patagonia (the water mass you see is the Viedma Lake), after taking a trekking tour on the Glacier itself. The glacier calving started right when I arrived at the base of the glacier after the trekking tour, and continued for about 2h (I couldn't stay that long, since I had to board the ship to go back to El Chaltén), but the video shows the best part of what I witnessed. According to the tour guides, it was the best ice calving the had seen that season, in probably over a few years."

Contrary to popular belief, this occurrence isn’t a result of global warming. The glaciers on the freshwater reserves in Argentina actually calve every four to five years, under the pressure of the mammoth amount of ice and water. The water from the lake slowly eats at the glacier, making it to eventually crack and fall in the water. These natural events gather tourists from all around the world.

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